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Photo Parata has been nothing short of a life saver for our on site viewing events. We had multiple viewing stations in the past, however, getting the customers to the right game or event took so long that we lost a lot of impatient customers. Most people would say they would order via Internet, but that never materialized. Now, most of our customers can "help themselves" using Photo Parata.

This software helps us utilize our time by concentrating on placing orders rather than pulling up images. The software is easy to use for both us and our customers and makes a statement that our business, SmaXart, is professional and clean looking.

Sam has given us nothing short of Extraordinary Customer Service. We emailed Sam letting him know we were experiencing technological problems with matching our systems with his software. Sam was available and willing to call us at 11:30 PM and stayed with us until 1:00AM that morning, helping us resolve our problems. We had a major photo event happening that next morning and Sam made it all happen, Thanks to Photo Parata.

We are very thankful,
The Boatwright's


I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your great software and outstanding customer support. I had previously been utilizing another photo event software package that was good but have found Photo Parata to be superior. It is much more user friendly and operates much faster when uploading images.

The ease of use and speed is especially important doing sports events as I can have up to four photographers shooting at one time. Clients often want to see their photos immediately if not sooner! The software and shopping cart are easy for my clients to navigate and I have found the program easy to use. This is very important because I’m a photographer and not a computer guy!

Additionally I have found you very quick to correct or trouble shoot any opportunities that your users have identified when using the software. Let’s face it, nothing is perfect and every new product release has the potential for problems. You have responded quickly to let us know if there are issues in new releases and then dig in to fix them. I am extremely pleased and thankful for your customer service. Most event photographers work on the weekends and when we need help we need it NOW! If we don’t get it immediately it costs us money, a lot of money! You have always answered your phone or called me back quickly whenever I have needed help. It did not matter if it was Saturday night or early Sunday morning you have always been there to walk me through any problems that I may have had. Most of the problems have actually been from my lack of knowledge or situations I have created, not issues with the software.

Please keep up the great work and again my thanks!

Randy Soop
Sidelines Photography

Hi Sam,

Touching base to let you know how our weekend event went while using your application. Photo Parata was nothing short of perfect for our needs, as it delivered on all levels.

Overview of My Weekend:

10 viewing stations never having a problem connecting or viewing images, not one viewing station shutdown, no lost image numbers, parents enjoying their time in front of the computers, no one getting upset or frustrated, never having to re-se or re-start the viewing program, orders being placed by the customer from viewing stations. What a great weekend!

I have to let you know that it was so great to return from photographing a game and have my computer operator say - no problems.

I am now ready to expand operations as I have a stable and consistent system.

Cameron McNish
McNish's Action Photography

Hi Sam,

Just wanted to loop back with you on the recent use of the software application. We photographed a 2 day soccer tournament a few weeks ago and used Photo Parata for the first time.

We had 1 server and 3 client work stations running for the 2 days. Our customers were all over the clients checking out the photos and placing orders. The application worked well and we had a great time showing our photos to the kids and their parents.

Thanks again for the great product and helping us to continue our success.

Kindest Regards,
Jim Weslager

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